We rejuvenate Organisations 

by a systemic approach

Any transformation in any organisation starts with an open mind

to question the reality of the situation, accept feedback

          and take responsibility for the situation that needs to evolve



 At GB Life Coaching

  • We help to understand the underlying situation by observation of the Life stream in the ecosystem, the cycles, the interactions, the cooperation and the level of trust
  • We challenge the Executive Team to align with the change that they want to achieve
  • We challenge exemplarity and congruence with core values
  • We use our extensive experience in various industries and cultures around the world in order to address root causes rather than symptoms.  
  • We facilitate the change process in order for new habits to stick


Examples of what we provide:


Business Diagnosis: to look at the situation in order to know what to do

Root-Cause Analysis: to find the underlying causes that slow down your transformation

Executive Alignment: to evaluate and reinforce the Team Trust and Cooperation

Executive Coaching: to accompany people in the change process

Training: to provide the adequate tools and techniques 

Workshops: to experiment the change that is wanted

Retreats: to take a step back and develop the key ingredients of the transformation

Profiling: to help people understand who they are and how they can interact with others

360 degrees: to realise how each person is perceived and learn to flex and adapt



With a Team of experts in Human Behaviours and psychology as well as strategy and organisational efficiency, GB Life Coaching delivers obvious results based on common sense and a sharp approach


To reconnect with growth

People have to be at the core of the solution!