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How can I become a better Manager with small changes: Part 1 

Are you managing spreadsheets or people? 


How can I become a better Manager: Part 2 

Time management  


How can I become a better Manager: Part 3

How delegation is key to any Manager 



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Extract of a speech for a Fortune 500 company in Paris 

The subject is Personal Development in the work environment





"101 Coaching Strategies and Techniques" 


101 Coaching Strategies and Techniques provides focused, practical strategies to help the coach with their work. Each point provides a detailed explanation of the strategy together with potential pitfalls and solutions.

Contributors from a range of coaching backgrounds are brought together to cover a number of issues faced by professional coaches including:

  • confidence building
  • developing specific skills and strategies
  • group coaching
  • problem solving and creativity
  • self awareness
  • the stuck client.

101 Coaching Strategies and Techniques will be a handy reference tool for busy coaches; the bite-sized strategies will also provide a useful guide for those in training.

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  "DARE TO RISE - Reshaping Humanity by Reshaping Yourself"


Maria Teresa De Donato PhD and Denis Gorce-Bourge embarked a 4 year journey to write this book and never met in person to this day. From an Italian living in the US and a French living in the UK, you will read a story which challenges your certitudes about your life.


"Dare to Rise" is written for the many people who feel a calling for more "awareness in living", looking to grow more consciously and to find clear understanding of the mechanics of responsibility in action.

Unconditional Love grows when you learn to Love yourself more and take full responsibility for your circumstances as co-creator of your world.

If you want to find more resources within yourself instead of following the pressure to always look outside for answers, this book is for you. Through a deep exploration of various aspects of life (Love, relationships, sex, health and work) you are invited to embark a profound journey about YOU!

"Dare to Rise" is a practical book to help you go beyond your fears to trust your guts and your Heart in order to change what you thought was not possible.

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 "DARE TO RISE - Reshaping Humanity by Reshaping Yourself"

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 Dare to Rise is recommended as 1 of the 5 books

of Summer 2016 to take with you in holidays

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Huffington Post  

Following an interview on the Huffington Post,

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 Read the article "Live 100 times more..."


Stress Coaching Magazine August 2015

This article  is about mindfulness and being present moment to moment and how it changes everything.



You can read all the articles written by Denis Gorce-Bourge and published in NewsBlaze 





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 An Interview series by Francesca Durham about the book


Reshaping Humanity by Reshaping Yourself 


Francesca is a Spiritual Entrepreneur and Life Coach who discusses health and wellness issues with leaders in the industry who have the vision to make positive change happen. When it comes to improving your quality of life, the key to your happiness and wellbeing, starts within you. The focus of our show will highlight areas where you can raise your energetic vibration to help make a difference in your reality and how you see the world.



(click below to listen to each part of the interview) 

 Listen to interview 1  

Listen to interview 2 

Listen to interview 3

 Listen to interview 4

Each interview of the series explores specific aspects of the book, from Unconditional Love, to the all notion of slowing down, to life at work.

Behind each topic is the principle of self-responsibility and how we can be the architects of change in our own life and how it can contribute to change the world.