The Team at GB Life Coaching 


 GB Life Coaching didn't go through any recruitment process.

The people involved in the company know each other, share common values, vision and views about the world.

We know and appreciate  each other and try to be the examples that we want to see in the world.



 We have extensive experience in various different cultures

in many parts of the world





Denis Gorce-Bourge

Founder & Director 


I am French, born in Switzerland and living in London. I grew up in a very international environment and developed from early age a strong curiosity for diversity and differences.

I am a certified Coach, NLP Master, a certified Practitioner of Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Psycho-Kinesiology and Reiki. I am also fully trained in Visualisation and Transactional Analysis.Trained in Mindfulness with over 25 years experience.


I have over 20 year's experience including extensive research and training in Conflict Resolution (Arnold Mindell, USA).


I am specialised in Systemic Change and how ingredients such as Trust, care and direct communication can affect the overall performance of any organisation. 

Passionate about consciousness and self-responsibility, I challenge teams in order to generate change and growth.

I conduct group facilitation, coaching programs for Executives and Managers as well as conferences, workshops and private sessions in London and Europe.


Constantly assessing new techniques and research in the field of personal growth. I am passionate about helping others change their professional or personal lives for the better, and help them find inspiration for change!


I am the Principal of GB Life Coaching Ltd and work in close collaboration with other professionals and organisations in this field.  

 My Amazon page

Co-Author "DARE TO RISE - Reshaping Humanity by Reshaping Yourself

Published in 2016 Available on Paperback and Kindle version



Co-Author "101 Coaching Strategies and techniques"

Published by Routledge 2010  (Over 10.000 copies sold worldwide) 



Michael McKiernan  


I am the Managing Director of Veracity Europe based in Dublin, Ireland.  I have extensive experience in executive coaching and facilitation, cross-cultural management, leadership, change and behaviour.

I have spent the last 17 years delivering projects across the public and private sectors in Ireland, the UK and across Europe, helping to develop core values, culture and leadership to improve performance.  These projects have involved large-scale assessment programmes for a financial services organisation, senior partner development for a global professional services firm across Central and Eastern Europe/ CIS, down to one-to-one executive coaching of a large FMCG company for senior managers and directors across Europe.

I started my career and professional experience in quality assurance and training and development in the logistics industry in the USA, and several years' experience managing development and learning for an international development organisation in Dublin.  My background is based in translation for both French and Spanish, and I have delivered behaviour and leadership programmes and facilitated workshops across Europe and North America.


Stephen Christini


I am the Managing Director of Cognoscenti UK based in England.  I have extensive experience in executive coaching and facilitation, cross-cultural management, leadership, change and behaviour.

Since 2004, I have worked with senior management teams and individuals in the UK, Europe, the Far and Middle East in industry sectors ranging from Retail through Engineering and IT to Pharmaceutical. Working extensively with organisations on values-driven change programmes, my assignments have included executive coaching, leadership and personal development, cultural change programmes, performance management workshops, team building initiatives, 360 degree feedback and psychometric assessment.

Having worked successfully for many years at the most senior levels within the world of Graphic Design, Advertising and Corporate Communications, I moved into Organisational Development and Executive Coaching. As the Champion for Change for clients on major projects, I witnessed and built a great understanding of the barriers and resistance to change.


Jennifer Fitzgerald


Jennifer is a learning and development consultant, offering leadership and management development, training, and executive coaching.  She specialises in helping individuals achieve behavioural change, increase their personal effectiveness and improve their communications skills.

Jennifer works across all industries and sectors and has had the most experience working in financial services companies undergoing periods of change and growth.  She has extensive cross-cultural experience and can work in French and German.  She brings sound business acumen, holding a MBA and having previously worked in marketing and product development at leading FS companies and IT services consultancies (Barclaycard, MasterCard and Atos).

Her qualifications include:

·       Accredited in several profiling tools (SDI, Thomas International/DISC, Richard Barrett's Cultural Transformation Tools)

·       Trained in accelerated learning (Kaizen)

·       Accredited NLP trainer (Certified Trainer and Coach Trainer, INLPTA)

·       Preliminary training in psychotherapy (Certificate of Intermediate Skills of Contemporary Psychotherapy, Beeleaf Institute, Certificate of Credit - Principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, University of the West of England)


 Agnes Perrone


French, grown up in Germany, married to an Italian, I feel… European! A "nomadic" life and career leads to frequent and sometimes tough challenges, so that I now have a high awareness of my priorities, strengths and limits, and I am able to build again and again the conditions for a balanced life.

After studying philosophy and political sciences, I first was a consultant for an international company based in Paris. 2008 I started my training as a coach in Rome: since then, I coach people privately and in organisations, possibly combining individual and team/group coaching.

My main beliefs are that everyone is gifted, has a potential to develop and a personality to fulfil, through inevitable life transitions and challenges; and that building a balance between work, family life and personal interests is fundamental. As a coach, I combine and integrate different approaches and tool: I like being both rigorous & flexible, benevolent & challenging, deep & pragmatic. I am attracted by the alliance of business and research. I consider each person as unique in all its dimensions, "mind, heart and belly", helping my coachees to find out the best interconnections between these dimensions to achieve their individual and collective goals… and beyond.


Odile Poilane 



Odile a créé et exerce, depuis de nombreuses années, une pédagogie

au service du relationnel dans les métiers d'accueil, de management

et de commercial dans l'entreprise (Parmi ses clients : Société Générale,

Bouygues Telecom, Caisse des Dépôts, BMS - Laboratoire pharmaceutique).


Son coeur de métier réside dans le développement personnel et l'accompagnement de l'individudans l'entreprise lors d'une transition, d'une mobilité ou d'un changement professionnel.?

Odile a choisi de s'entourer des compétences d'une équipe pluridisciplinaire pour la prise

en charge complète des individus dans leur mouvement de changement.



Maria Teresa De Donato PhD 


An Educator and a great Motivator, Maria Teresa De Donato, Ph.D. has been coaching and inspiring people of all ages, ethnicities and walks of life along with businesses and organizations, both profits and not-for-profits, for more than 30 years both in Europe and in America.

An active listener and an attentive observer of the human nature, she is fascinated by the relation between perception and belief system and their consequent impact on people’s lives at all levels. A Certified and Registered Traditional Naturopath, Classical Homeopath and Life Strategist, she holds a Doctoral, a Master and a Bachelor degree in Holistic Health; Certifications in Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Nutrition, and Herbalism; a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Certifications in Conflict Analysis, Negotiation & Conflict Management, and courses in Anger Management, Public Speaking, Communications, Management, and in Human Resources.

Her Coaching activity includes:

· Health-Lifestyle-Wellness,

· Personal & Spiritual,

· Education & Career,

· Marriage & Family,

· Conflict Analysis,

· Negotiation & Conflict Management,

· Businesses and Start-ups

Extremely versatile and with an inquisitive and highly intuitive mind she always focuses on the identification of the root cause of a problem. An active Member of several professional organizations she is also a passionate Blogger and the Author of several books.

Whatever your problem, be it either health-related or else, she will create a customized program to help you renew your old way of thinking, through which you might have been sabotaging yourself without even realizing it, and finally, by reaching your full potential and ultimate goals, live a healthier, more balanced and rewarding life as you deserve.

If you want to know more about me and my activities you can visit the following web sites and blogs:

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