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Could your happiness change the World?

The latest research in Quantum Physics and Consciousness give us some very interesting hypothesis about how our reality works.

The Universe is 99.99999% empty. It means that all of the matter contained in it, including planets, stars, us, cars and buildings represent only 0.00001%: but is it really empty?

Most of the vacuum is made of what we call dark energy and a few percent of dark matter. This dark energy is filling almost everything and is a sort of giant network of connections between everything. It looks very much like a universal nervous system: that is where consciousness would be originating and circulating throughout the universe.

Furthermore, the very notion of reality is a focus from many scientists to try to understand what is really happening out there beside what our 5 senses tell us.

If we consider the fact that we don’t actually see anything out there because it is our brain which creates images at the back of our head from electric impulses of photons hitting our retina. We don’t really know what really happens out there. On the top of this, we perceive a very tiny part of the spectrum of what exists: it is like a full loaf of bread from which we can only access one slice.

On the other hand, what is interesting is that most human beings have a similar or close interpretation of what we call reality.

More and more Scientists state that our entire universe could be a giant video game. Bruce Lipton says about the film The Matrix: “It is not science fiction but a documentary”. In the search for a unified theory of the Universe, many people thing that the nature of the Universe is holographic and a Fractal continuum.

 So what could it mean?

If we can admit that we all are co-creators of our own reality, our state of mind has an impact on the global situation of the world.  

So what if our thoughts which create our emotions circulate in the Universe through dark energy (the central nervous system of the Universe)? It would mean that all those emotions with their own frequency determine the global frequency of our planet.

Let’s take an example:

Imagine a group of 10 people where most of them have a negative perception of their lives and environment. The frequency of this group would be a low frequency. As a result, the reality of this group would be matching that frequency and would represent what they believe the world is about.

Now imagine that they would start to change their mind about the all idea of life and the world. Their emotions would shift accordingly and the frequency would change too. If this group creates reality according to their thoughts, emotions and perception, the quality of their reality fluctuates according to the frequency their matching all together.

Let’s explain the theory:

The problem here is the chicken and egg situation. Are we creating reality based on our beliefs or are our beliefs based on the reality that we perceive?

Both are true and it is what we can call a vicious circle.

As long as we respond to a perceived reality, we contribute to solidify this reality as it is. Now if we look at the global media system and what it tells us about the world today, what do you think is the perception of most people? Yes, it is a negative one. And because the global perception is negative the frequency of our reality stays a negative one, giving us a depressing reality and the more we believe it, the more it solidifies as the truth of our shared reality.

What I am saying here is that it could be possible that we are 7 billion co-creators of what we call reality and that without knowing it, we reinforce what we want to change by focussing on the negative rather than projecting what we want to happen.

What can we do individually?

If we can agree on the fact that consciousness is at the core of everything and that reality is the result of it, we all have created the world as it is which means that we all have a responsibility in what we want it to become.

The principle of self-responsibility is the key to this theory.

What are we thinking and feeling most of the time? What is our perception of the world? What is our contribution to the reality of the world?

You have to make the conscious decision to select, choose, and sick for the kind of information which promotes the right side of things. Does it mean that you negate the reality of the world? What reality are we talking about? Are we talking about the bombing in Syria or about people who everyday save lives and risk their own to save others? Is one reality better than the other? Why should you be constantly aware of the worst that happen every day in the world?

Are you happy? Do you realise how much impact your happiness has on your life, on your beloved ones, on your environment and on your reality?

Let’s take things one step at a time.

Every morning you wake up and start to think. In what way can you have an impact on what you think and entertain as often as possible some positive views on what happens around you? How can you consciously shift some of your thoughts to contribute to a better outcome?

Do you want to keep watching day after day what TV has to show you about how horrible human race is? Do you want to keep talking over and over again with friends and colleagues about how bad things are? Do you want to keep focussing and complaining about what is not right?

You can make a conscious decision to help yourself and your own life by projecting what you want rather than what you don’t want? “Energy flows where attention goes”: so the more you focus on a glass half empty, the more you perceive the glass half empty which always proves  you right about what you think. This is what we call a vicious circle and as long as we don’t decide to break it, nothing changes.

If enough people would shift their thoughts and emotions, reality would instantly change in the world. The critical mass that is necessary to reach this point is not unattainable. What future do we want and do we believe in our individual power to create it? We are powerful beings who forgot their purpose and abilities. We are pure consciousness waking up from a long sleep. We are the core of the change that we want to happen. 

Now imagine for a second that I am right. What if you could contribute to a better world just by shifting your perceptions? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have such a responsibility and power in your hands?

So if the greatest gift you can offer the world is Happiness, what makes you happy?

Remember that when you think, someone listens!

Each word and each emotion has a frequency and with that frequency you are connecting to a specific version of reality. Don’t think that your thinking is private because it is not. When you are on your own in the privacy of your own mind, someone is listening. We know that with dark energy, acting as a central nervous system of the Universe, each and every emission from where ever has an impact on the global reality that is our world today.

Because everything is connected and because you are connected as well to a universal network of vibrations, each and every word you say is heard by you and the Universe. Whether you choose to entertain negative or positive thoughts, each time you think, you produce a vibration connected to the words and emotions associated with what you think about.

Consciousness is as well about taking responsibility not only for what you do but what you think.

When you say “I Love You”, you speak to yourself, to someone, and to everything in the universe.

So you can change your impact on the world by just being more aware of your own thoughts. Masaru Emoto shown how much impact thoughts have on water. Vibrations have no limits and your mind constantly sends vibrations which go all the way to the borders of our Universe.

When you are alone, be conscious of your state of mind. Because you are alone doesn’t mean that your thoughts have no impact.

First you attract to yourself everything attuned with your thoughts and vibrations.

Second, you contribute to the world as it is with whatever you think about from the privacy of your own mind.

Yes responsibility goes as far as being aware of your thoughts and adjusting it to the kind of world you wish for: if you don’t you just unconsciously add more to what you want to change.

Office plants as barometers for team stress and disconnection

Office plants as barometers for team stress and disconnection

It is interesting to see that in most offices, people persist to have plants. I imagine that for those plants, it is the worse karma possible. Being a plant in an office is a life of suffering and ultimately a plan to die in pain, from starvation and dehydration.

The degree of health of office plants is a barometer to know how asleep people are. People can be sitting beside a dying plant for days or weeks depending on its degree of determination to survive without noticing it.

In a mindful environment, people are present and able to use their senses to be in contact with reality in the moment. On the contrary, when people are in a trance, they are here but not here. They come to work in the morning, and leave in the evening, without being really present and conscious about their surroundings, and even noticing that a plant is dying beside them. They’re on autopilot and the unconscious mind runs the show.

Creating a veggie patch on each floor would be a good way to encourage your team to stay present. Growing living plants is an excellent way to create an anchor with reality. Looking at the state of the veggie patch is a good way for the manager to know how the team is doing. Are they slipping back to a trance or are they staying present during the day?

As a manager, you must encourage people to schedule some TFM (time for Myself) in their diary every week: at least twice half an hour in the 5 days. On the top of it, they should make some transitions along the day. Between meetings and activities, they should take a couple of minutes in order to properly close the previous window before to open the next one. Exactly like on their computer, they must take the time to clean the energy and realign for what is coming next.

Giving the team the responsibility to keep those plants healthy on the long term is “therapeutic” for any team. If your organisation is in the process of helping employees to slow down and improve life quality at work, this is a great way to promote it.

They can take some time during the day to take care of it, water, clean, oxygen the soil... We know what allowing animals in the work environment bring to people working with them. Plants are not making any noise and can also bring great focus.

If the manager notices degradation in the plants health, it has to be an indicator that something is going on. Call a meeting with the team to know what is happening. It is a feedback mechanism to help people stay awake and conscious.

It is of course not about making it compulsory because it would be counterproductive but to use the ones who are already growing or killing to encourage people to take real care of it: The healthier the plants, the more awake people in charge. It is as simple as that. So companies could make this offer to provide a little veggie patch and see how people react to it. At a bigger scale, people could provide vegetables to people who want to buy it and then donate the money in a charity of their choice.

The core of this is not about plants but about people being present enough and available enough to be present. When stress is rising, people lose touch with their environment and common sense to make the right decisions.


Feminine Energy to rescue corporations

Feminine Energy to rescue corporations

In Carl Jung’s school, Anima and Animus are both anthropomorphic archetypes: in the unconscious of a man, Anima is a feminine inner personality where for a woman Animus is the inner masculine personality. So in any masculine environment, you can find some feminine energy and vice Versa: exactly as in the Tao symbol (Yin and Yang), the opposites complement each other and one is never totally absent from the system. 

Corporations are mainly driven by masculine energy 

In principle, we can compare a company to a big womb where people can grow and develop but how can a womb be masculine? How can people be cared about and put in the best dispositions in a masculine environment? 
It is not to say that masculine is bad and feminine is good: it is all a question of balance in order to make the ecosystem as healthy as possible. In this case, what should be a very feminine environment to nurture what needs to develop, we have a very controlling, structured and analytical environment: where we should see curves we only have straight lines, cubes and boxes. 
Organisations are greatly unbalanced between masculine and feminine energy.  
Most businesses try to transform to adapt to the new reality. The old model doesn’t work anymore but they are bumping over and over again into the real meaning of change and what exactly needs to change. Performance stays the top priority but nobody knows how to boost it. 
Transformation after transformation, they still look at optimisation, rationalisation, cost efficiency and in fact create more of the same. Einstein’s definition of insanity was: “to do the same over and over again expecting a different result”.

Organisations suffocate in this overwhelming pressure of rationality and control. 
I recently discussed with an Executive committee about running a workshop on “Being” rather than “Doing”. The question that came quickly was: “how are we going to be able to measure the impact?” What cannot fit into an excel spreadsheet has a hard time to survive in the corporate world. 

The feminine has been kept away as a scary component of the system for ever

People in charge are scared to let go, uncomfortable with the changes that need to happen. 
In most people’s mind, if there is no control there is anarchy and chaos. The feminine in business is associated with weakness and risk. 

More and more companies want to promote creativity and innovation in order to stay relevant but kill it by enforcing more control and being unable to let go.  In order to invite the feminine to the party, you have to make space, give time and slow down. 

Only Feminine Energy can come to the rescue... 

It’s not about what you say but how you say it
It’s not about what you do but how you do it
It’s not about your decisions but the intention behind it
It’s not about the organisation but about the people in it

So what does it mean to develop the feminine energy in companies?

To develop this aspect of the energy means for a start to change the way people are recruited, considering their ability to communicate, to create relationships and to cooperate in the ecosystem. 
 When you lower control and pressure people blossom, develop, and find back motivation. 
Every person has treasures of talent unexpressed and it is only when you trust and believe in people that they can really find the confidence to express it.
The job must be about the relation and not only about the facts: it must be about cooperation, care, and pleasure. Imagine for a second that intuition would be a respected and even desired skill in business. Imagine that instead of filling excel spreadsheets, people would be feeling good.
The model has to change and introduce qualities connected to the Being rather than the doing.  
The right postures must be promoted by management and they must work on making the office a place where everybody wants to come and spend time, not because of the gym and the nice offices but because of the vibe and the way they feel respected, encouraged and able to contribute to something that really makes sense to them. 
What if the next big step for corporations would simply be to rebalance the proportion between masculine and feminine energy? 

©GBlifecoaching 2016 Denis Gorce-Bourge

Biodiversity: When conformity kills your organisation

If we can admit that any organisation is an ecosystem, we have to talk about biodiversity.

In many industries, diversity is very limited connected to the fact that they mainly need a certain professional profile. For example, IT Engineers are often “wired” in a similar way: the profile of this person is typically introvert, pragmatic, logic and with limited emotional intelligence. Even if this is a generalisation and there are exceptions, the general profile resembles most of the ones I know. 

Biodiversity is essential to the health of your ecosystem. Each element brings something specific which is necessary to the global coherence and contribute to the balance. In any ecosystem, diversity is the way Nature uses to multiply opportunities to make it stronger and more stable.

Someone who’s a bit radical and even in opposition has a purpose to question the obvious. When there is no opposition or contradiction, the “aligned” way of thinking transforms innovation into conformity without even realising it. The politically correct spreads over many organisations.

So do you hire people based on CV or based on potential and personality?

I noticed time after time how constructive conflicts contribute to question the status quo and to open new options. That is how new ideas sometimes emerge from apparent chaos.

On the contrary, I observed organisations where everybody follows the Boss without questioning anything. The top management can be docile in appearance and in reality just follows old habits. In this case, nothing changes and despite heavy investment to implement transformation, it doesn’t work. Because of it some organisations become almost sterile.

Diversity is a good way to maintain a wide spectrum of backgrounds, personalities and temperaments. The approach needs to stay fresh and fed with diverse innovative and even controversial views.


That’s where people must be encouraged to be who they are, to have the guts to disagree and to dare to stand for their opinions. Conformity is the best enemy of business growth.


Copyright © 2016 Denis Gorce-Bourge

Stillness as the start for action

When you sit still, you enter the centre of your being.

Aware, conscious and present to the moment, you learn to calm the mind and look at thoughts without judging it or giving it attention. You stay present and aware and you become calm and present.

With time, you go deeper inside yourself and that is where you find a gate through which you can access the entire Universe. You are part of it and you are the entire Universe at the same time.

That is where you can relax and trust everything because you are everything and part of everything.

Staying still brings the connection with the source of everything and opens the flow for inspiration, creation and action. 

7 Billion Universes or when perception makes all the difference

Each person on this planet has a unique perception of what the world is, based on experience, beliefs, culture and all what makes each person unique.

Do we believe what we see or do we see what we believe?

You would need to take 7 billion points of perception to have a pretty accurate idea of what the world is about. Our 5 senses are very limited to translate the “reality” of the world or should I say the subjectivity of the world.

Science is pointing more and more precisely towards the fact that the world around us is a hologram projected from inside out from 7 billion sources all connected to “the field”. We don’t know for sure what the world is about and based only on what we can sense, it is as if we would only have a few pieces of a huge puzzle to guess what the big picture is.

I believe that we see what we believe and that changing our perception of the world is essential in order to start to see a different one. The more we look at mainstream news, the more we lose hope in Human kind and the more we contribute to a darker world. We often focus on what we don’t want and there for reinforce and give energy to it.

John Demartini said: “Energy flows where attention goes”.

The best way to change the world is to start deciding for ourselves what we want the world to be and to act accordingly. We are not victims but active actors of our lives. Taking control of our thoughts is probably the best way to create a different perception and to contribute to a better world. You can raise your vibration by focussing on all the good aspects of your life and the world, being grateful for what you have, being calm to make decisions according to what you want rather than to react to what you don’t want.

It is not about denying some sad realities of our world but deciding consciously not to add to this vibration by being aware of what we do and how we impact the entire world with our thoughts, behaviours and emotions.


Copyright © 2016 Denis Gorce-Bourge

How to use Feng Shui to your advantage?

This over 4000 years’ old Chinese philosophy is mainly based on common sense about how to organise our environment using our 5 senses.

Creating harmony around us is essential even if we don’t feel the impact of it. Starting from the idea that everything is vibration, our environment creates waves of vibrations all around. A messy environment will radiate messy waves and create interferences with our own vibration.  

Most of us spend our days in modern buildings, made of steel and glass which is not the best vibratory environment. We are surrounded with electricity, electromagnetic fields which are interacting with our own personal field. If our private environment doesn’t bring some harmony to rebalance our system, if we don’t have the opportunity to be in nature daily to tune in the natural balance of life, there are big probabilities for our vibratory system to be messed up and this has a great impact on health. The energy system in our body is impacted by our environment and attention to it can bring you most needed help to recharge when at home.

A harmonious environment will make you feel at ease, enable you to relax and even have an impact on your relationship. Because we are constantly bathing in a vibrational “soup”, we must become aware of its impact in order to use it to our advantage.

Simple tips to improve the vibe in your home

§  Don’t let things accumulate in your living space but put everything back to place after using it

§  Clean up your space often enough to have a nice smell around you

§  Buy fresh flowers weekly to add to the natural feel

§  Open windows every morning to regenerate the air in your space

§  Do you bed every morning to leave the space welcoming for when you come back at night

§  Leave the house as you would like it to be when you come back

§  Clear the sink from dirty plates before you leave

§  Use little lamps rather than ceiling lights

§  Add plants to your living room to bring nature into your home

§  Have fresh fruits on your table

§  Pay attention to details (colours, shapes, balance between objects)

In order to create harmony in your living space, you must be in touch with your senses. Open your eyes to what colours are next to each other, to the match between objects and furniture. What is the balance between masses in the room?

Allow yourself to sense the balance or unbalance in a space, to feel the feel of each room and become aware of what you could change, move or remove in order to create more harmony. We have our 5 senses and what we call the 6th sense which is nothing more than a connection to our gut feeling, our intuition, a source of information which is not going through our rational mind.

Developing more subtle perceptions is important to improve our wellbeing and help ourselves to regenerate more easily on a daily basis. Mindfulness can help to bring this attention to the present moment and to what is really happening around us.


Copyright © 2016 Denis Gorce-Bourge

Why should you introduce Mindfulness to your organisation?

Focussing on doing has its limits and the limits have been reached.  

The only way today to take a turn for the better and unfold new potential to reach new goals is to introduce the power of Being.

People are running from a task to the next without landing in their bodies or in the moment.  At the end of the day the “to do list” must have as many ticks as possible but without the contribution of the “refresh button”.

Learning to be mindful at work is the most productive way to increase efficiency, focus and performance. The side effect of mindful work is more happiness which is a significant way to improve motivation and energy.

Allow your workforce to learn how to live more “moment by moment” and see the results for yourself. Reconnecting with reality and paying attention to the present moment is the best way to connect with creativity, and to take control of situations with calm and vision.

Introducing moments in your day to do nothing or almost nothing is the best way to make a change that will unfold new possibilities as a person, as a Team and as an organisation.


Copyright © 2016 Denis Gorce-Bourge

Love and Nature

It all starts with you and the source of Love that beats inside your chest. Separation from Nature means separation from Love and vice versa. The natural flow of life is made of an amazing  stream of energy that dissolves all obstacles, all resentment and all pain.

Look at a situation that bothers you at the moment. In what way is the situation about you not being able to express love?

Acceptance and letting go are the prerequisite to open the flow from within. If you Love yourself and are at peace with who you are, conflict disappears magically.

We only play with ourselves, whoever else we think is involved in the situation. It is a mirror game, a projection and an inner revolt against something that we refuse to admit is part of who we are.

To reach this point in life is the gateway to freedom where Love can be expressed without fear and without shame.

Our true Nature is to be a canal to express Love, to be open and welcoming to the flow of life.

Copyright © 2016 Denis Gorce-Bourge

Eco-Environment: Being active in your social ecosystem

We all are living creatures, organisms or ecosystems part of a larger environment.

We are a living garden and we are simultaneously part of the garden and gardeners.

Even if you are not a great specialist and have a green finger, where would you plant a fern: in full sun or in the shade?

We all have specific needs which are vital to our growth and wellbeing. Depending on our environment, we feel included, serine, open and creative or stressed, threatened and miserable.

We do have a responsibility in the way we perceive and interact with the environment but the environment has a great impact on us despite our mindset and positive dispositions exactly in the same way as for the fern mentioned above.

In the ecosystem, we individually and collectively have the responsibility of the overall quality and fertility of the environment. Cooperation is probably the cleverest way to approach it. How can something that I don’t need or have in abundance serve others who need it most and in reverse, can I get what I need from people who can give it? A smile, a warm good morning, a kind word can play a major role in the quality and health of the ecosystem.

The feeling of separation from others and the environment damages possibilities of growth and wealth within any environment. Whatever your needs are, it will only come to you if you open up in order to give and receive.  You cannot just open to take and close up when it is time to give.

Consciousness is at the heart of evolution and progress can only occur when we reach a critical math in terms of understanding of the flow of Life.


Copyright © 2016 Denis Gorce-Bourge

Cycles of Life and Business

Everything in this Universe is governed by cycles. 

We do have on Earth 4 seasons which have a definite purpose for Nature.  Spring is not the start of the season: it is a continuum where each phase prepares for the next one.

  • Winter is a key period to regenerate, slow down and think
  •     Spring is the moment to grow your business, develop, push and put all your energy using the   benefits of winter thoughts
  •     Summer is the time to just find your rhythm and develop what Spring gave you and prepare to   harvest
  •     Autumn is the time to rethink, re-evaluate, adjust and prepare for a more inner process.

All cycles don’t have the same duration and many cycles happen simultaneously. You can have your Life cycle, your career cycle, your relationships cycles as well as each of your goals cycles and all of them are entangled.

Organisations can’t escape this reality and it is crucial to be aware of it in order to not jeopardise the next step of development.  There are even more cycles in a company combining individual ones and collectives ones.

Where are you in the 4 seasons of your business, in the cycle that invariably will affect and determine your success or failure?

Are you ready to take the step back to think and prepare for the next phase?

Copyright © 2016 Denis Gorce-Bourge


Nature is abundant by nature. With only one seed, you can get so much in return.

How can we have ended up so far away from this fundamental principle?

With most economies in recession for so many years, organisations are trying to maintain profit by shrinking resources of all kinds and pressuring people. If you look at Nature, it is exactly the way to slow down the process and limit the natural flow of abundance.

The rules of any healthy ecosystem are cooperation and circulation.

  • Ø  Cooperation is the “win-win” system of Nature where giving is the prerequisite for life
  • Ø  Circulation is the basis without which no life can exist

Starting from this reality, how can we not see that all our attempts to restrict, limit, and self protect can only produce scarcity and shortage.

What we are doing in our economic system is maintaining a high stress level which is designed in nature to get us ready for fight or flight but in which cells stop growing, immune system shots down and compromises long term health.

We need to find our way back to Nature by establishing or re-establishing a flow of wealth, resources, money and intelligence. Most of the world wealth is blocked and retained by a few and there is not enough circulation for a healthy global ecosystem to flourish.

A little stream will never irrigate what a big river would. A massive circulation of wealth in the world would restore the natural and abundant flow of life and would make gardens where there was only desert. 

Copyright © 2016 Denis Gorce-Bourge

Our body as a metaphor of any organisation

We perceive our body as 1 where in fact we are living in a community of 50 trillion cells cooperating at every moment to allow us to enjoy life. The holographic principle applies as there is not one function of our body that each cell doesn't have.

What happens in many organisations is that people or departments don’t always cooperate enough which seriously damages performance. Now imagine 2 organs in your body that would be reluctant to cooperate: let’s say that your stomach doesn't like your liver. Guess what would happen?

Communication is key in any organism.  For example in case of threat, your brain would send the information to your body in order to be able to fight or flight: the blood would be sent instantly in the arms and legs by constricting blood vassals in the guts to allow quick action. Without communication, your legs would not even know that there is an imminent danger and you would be eaten by the lion.

Organisations are not different from any living organism. We do need to cooperate in order to survive. How can such a basic principle not be obvious to all of us? How can we allow parts of the organism to play solo? Why can’t we look around us at the miracle of Nature to find back our way?

Can we say that many companies are sick? Yes we can.

Applying basic notions of biology to organisations would have great impact and would contribute to restore health within the ecosystem. What is true for organisations is true to the entire economy.

It is not about creating a perfect world where there will always be challenges but a very serious matter and a pragmatic approach to reintroduce health and growth within the Corporate world.

Copyright © 2016 Denis Gorce-Bourge  

From Newton to Quantum or how to change the corporate world

Most of the world still lives under a Newtonian view of the world, where the Universe is made of solid matter, mostly empty and everything is separated: each person, object, planet are separated. In this view, the basis of everything is matter.

When you apply the quantum view to the world, everything is energy and each and every part of the Universe is connected through what is called “the Field”. Waves of energy interact with each other constantly and everything is entangled in a vast fabric of energy waves.

What is the effect of a Newtonian view of the world on organisations today?

  • We mostly see our environment as separated from us and us from it
  • Only materialistic views apply to organisations
  •  People are mostly resources
  • Cooperation is not the motto to develop

·        Communication is not the key element in the ecosystem

Wherever you go, you are bathing in a big “soup” of energy and waves colliding in each other. Your work environment has a great impact on you and the way you feel at every moment.

If we could apply a quantum view of the world, what would it change for the corporate world?

  • We would have the right belief system to understand the flow of life
  • We would apply cooperation as the most important ferment for growth
  • We would understand that the ecosystem needs every part of the system to be healthy
  • We would put back people (the strongest energy creators) at the centre of the system  
  • We would create wealth by applying the basic principles of quantum physics

Almost every organisation is talking and writing about putting people at the core of the system. In reality, it is not the case at all. So do we need to change beliefs before we can change the corporate world?

The answer is yes.

Let’s take an example: If someone believes that nutrition is not important he/she will probably have a very unbalanced diet until he/she understands that nutrition is key for good health.  Then the behaviour can change and adapt to the new belief.

Until people will understand how the world works, most organisations will remain the same based on the set of beliefs that supports their actions. 

A change of belief will be the surest way to change the corporate world. Growth is an inseparable component of the natural world. Growth and abundance are part of the very definition of Nature. So if it is absent from our economy today, we should realise how far we went away from Nature’s principles and find a way back HOME.  

 Copyright © 2016 Denis Gorce-Bourge  

Annual Performance Appraisal

Annual Performance Appraisal

Once a year, every Manager must go through the Annual Performance Appraisal for each team member. Most of the time, it is a heavy duty for which Managers rarely have the necessary time to prepare and make it constructive for both. Still, this should only be part of a constant communication all along the year between Managers and Team members rather than a one off.  

It is surprising that the Manager’s Manager is doing the same with him or her but with what kind of information about the direct report’s ability to manage a team?

A 180 degrees feedback should systematically be done once a year by the team about the Manager in order for this person to get real feedback and to be able to discuss valid points of improvement with the line manager.

Why organisations use only a one way feedback? People who have the best knowledge about someone’s management style and abilities are the team members, not the line manager. So if you really want Managers to improve and grow, you need to ask the right people about their abilities.

If the core belief is that the manager has to serve and help his Team, you change the system. If on the contrary you think that the team is supposed to serve the Manager, in this case don’t change anything.

Because so many companies have trouble to motivate people, the only way to change the situation is finally to listen to what they have to say. Can’t you imagine that they can help their line Manager by delivering constructive feedback? 

That’s what you could call cooperation and co-construction and that is where the real source of motivation is.

 Copyright © 2016 Denis Gorce-Bourge  

Happy New You

Happy New You

I was looking at my dog last night and she was obviously unaware of New Years eve. Her first day was the day she was born and the second will be the day she dies. In the Native American culture, it is the way it’s expressed.  

New Year? What is new about it?

·         Everything because everything is changing at every second and that is the only way we can exist. “The Universe is recreating itself at every second” and so are we (The Living Universe – Duane Elgin).

·         Nothing because we are trapped in our routine.

Everything could be new at every moment if we wanted it to be. Is it a new world we need or new eyes as stated Gandhi? In what we see every day, what is it that we would like to change? What are we doing to contribute to the world that we would like to see?

Happy New You!

Happy New Eyes!

Happy New Heart for a happy New World!

 Copyright © 2016 Denis Gorce-Bourge  

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