GB Life Coaching brings LIFE back to Corporations



Transforming Organisations by a

systemic & organic approach


Transforming an organisation can only succeed by understanding the inner and outer ecosystem, how it works, how interactions impact the overall performance, and how you have to change to become the change that you want to see. 




A refreshing view on Business  


We restore growth by applying fundamental principles of Nature 

  • Every organisation is an ecosystem
  • There is no ecosystem without cooperation 
  • A healthy ecosystem is naturally prosperous
  • It is where LIFE expends and develops

We work alongside clients to restore health within the ecosystem

  • Helping the top Management to align or realign on vision and strategy
  • Helping people individually to develop their potential
  • Helping interactions and relationships between people and departments
  • Helping reinstall close communication and direct contacts
  • Helping to implement cooperation and promote Trust 



  • People determine the fate of every organisation
  • Trust is at the heart of any successful enterprise
  • Change can only occur if you change something 


Based on decades of experience in the combined fields of

Human Development and Business Growth